18 Google Features You Need to Know

18 Google Features You Need to Know

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  2. 2018/08/23

Working in digital marketing means working together with your computer, at all times. And, as well, using Google to find ideas, validate hypothesis, research and answer questions like: “Is this word written with an “a” or an “e”?

In short, whatever the task, Google is one of the most useful tools in digital. We all know how it works roughly, but Google has some secrets we’re unveiling today. To make your research more effective, accurate and relevant.

The “Cached” and “Similar” functions

First of all the “Cached” function. It gives you access to an older version of a website. This can be interesting if you are looking for information that has recently been changed and is no longer displayed on the current version of the website. Sherlock Holmes and you? Same battle.

Then the “Similar” function is the one that will allow you to highlight all websites similar to a specific URL. This is a relevant feature for SEO professionals who wish to know all the terms used for a given field or simply for those who wish to increase the accuracy of their searches.

Google Fonts

Are you looking for the font of your dreams to enhance your visuals and documents? Google Fonts is here to provide you with all kinds of writing styles, for free.


Google replaces your graphic calculator!

Yeah, I agree, it’s not every day that you have to know the curve of this or the line of that, but it’s still an easy tool to use if, say, you want to understand visually the increase in your revenincomes based on costs.


Did you know that Google can convert just about anything? Currencies, distances, quantities, hours. No need to go to a conversion website, just enter your need in the search bar and Google does the work.

Google can also be used as a calculator, a dictionary (using the formula “define:(word)”), a timer and a metronome. You never know when you’re gonna need to be on tempo.

Functions for refined searches

  • Exclude a word or a set of words from the results: insert “-” before the expression.
  • Limit search to titles, URLs or sites :



site:(url of the site)

  • Associate a search with a geographic location : expression location:(location)
  • Highlight specific document formats: filetype:(extension sought)
  • Add quotation marks to search for an exact match.
  • Search for a term on social media: add an @(selected social media) to the search expression.
  • Include search word synonyms: add a tilde (~) to the search.
  • Find a forgotten word in an expression: use the star (*) instead of the word. Example: To beat around the *.

Depersonalize results

Tired of having your search results based on your previous searches, geolocation and cookies? Yes, there are private navigation windows, but also the operator &pws=0.

In fact, by adding this formula to the end of the search URL, you neutralize the results.

Search for backlinks

Would you like to know which links point to your website? Thanks to the formula link:(url of the website), you will have the complete list of links that recently mentioned your URL. Practical to know the influence of your page!

BONUS : the games

We agree, in business, Google should especially serve as a serious tool to carry out your daily tasks. BUT, there are great fun features that can entertain you for a good 3 minutes during your break.

  • Smarty Pins: Offered by Google Maps, this game tests your ability to trace cities with trivia questions.
  • Atari Breakout: type these two words in Google, click on the first link and a good old block-breaking game game will appear.

  • Google nGrams: not so much a game as a fun feature that allows you to search for words in 5.2 million books published between 1500 and 2008 to see how their frequency has changed over time.

In short, Google is your best (secret) friend.

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