4 weirdest animals in businesses

4 weirdest animals in businesses

  1. Strategy
  2. 2021/03/16

Are you familiar with these curious animals? It has been rumored that they sometimes roam around our organizations…


Anyone who has never been tempted to give more weight to a HiPPO (the opinion of the highest paid person in a company) should throw the first stone.

Just being aware of this cognitive bias can make a big difference in creative or strategic meetings.

Here’s a tip: basing your decisions on data rather than impressions helps minimize the bias.


Do you recognize her, that annoying person who is there at every meeting, but is never “really” there.

The Rhino won’t really get in the way of your project goals. But don’t count on him to put his shoulder to the wheel either.



Do you recognize that person with the big ego who thinks he or she knows better than others what is good for them, based solely on their instincts? This is one of the profiles that really makes us roll our eyes.

Over time, we’ve learned to back up our ideas with reliable data or to set up short experiments to test the hypotheses previously stated as self-evident to beat the zebras in our path.


Spending your life putting out fires takes its toll, so we have a lot of compassion for the wolves.

Perhaps we should point out to our wolf friends that focusing only on emergencies and short-term problems rather than on the strategic elements to be achieved in the coming months or years is shooting ourselves in the foot.

No hard feelings ✌️




PSSITT: Have you ever scrolled through your Facebook feed, stumbled across a really fun post and then never managed to find it again once your feed has refreshed?

Yep, us too.

That’s pretty much what happened with today’s great content. We can’t seem to find the source to give credit for the accronyms 🤷‍♀️

Bianka Bernier

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