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We help public and parapublic organizations and social economy businesses to change the world. Nothing less. With a pinch of resourcefulness, a good dose of data and cutting-edge expertise in digital communications, our team can solve the most complex problems.

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Whatever your objectives are, Vio will leverage the ingenuity of its multidisciplinary team to offer cutting-edge expertise in digital marketing, communication and social media.

  1. Content Creation

    Content Creation

    Our high quality content will help you stand out from the crowd. We truly believe that successful communication nowadays requires active social media with visual, written and video content that is engaging.

    At Vio, our promise to you is a relevant presence on a plurality of platforms, with the goal of reaching your audience from sunrise to sunset. More traffic means more engagement.

    Even your Grandma will follow you on Instagram.

    • Content writing
    • Graphic productions
    • Social media management and monitoring
  2. Strategy


    You’ve got big plans; we’ve got the strategy to help you build them. We craft digital marketing strategies that are creative and on-point. We’re entrepreneurs too, we understand just how important it is that your marketing resonates with today’s buyer.

    We have one goal: grow your business and help you achieve the results you want.

    And maybe one day we can master the croquembouche…talk about an impressive dessert!

    • Marketing strategy
    • Communication strategy
    • Social media strategy
    • Content strategy
    • Strategic support
  3. Advertising


    You know you’re special, now you’ve got to shout it from the rooftops!

    The Internet is a powerful tool that has the potential to get your brand out there like never before. Using the Web, you can focus on reaching people who may be interested in your company and become one of their favourite brands.

    It’s your time to shine. Let’s show them how it’s done.

    • Social media marketing
    • Social Ads campaigns
    • Influencer marketing
    • Email marketing
  4. Analysis


    We are your best bet when it comes to analyzing the results of your digital campaigns. We know that numbers and charts can be overwhelming. We’re here to make data and graphics intelligible so that together, we can build solutions that work for you.

    Have you got reports that are clear as mud? We can fix that.

    • Market research
    • Content analysis
    • Performance analysis
    • Personalized dashboards


Meet our passionate, ingenious, competent, magnificent and ambidextrous team. We are all different and complementary, but share the same need to create, solve and learn.

  1. Bianka Bernier Bianka Bernier

    📞 514-844-1050

    Bianka Bernier

    President & Principal Strategist

    📞 514-844-1050

  2. Nesrine Benbouali Nesrine Benbouali

    📞 514-844-1050

    Nesrine Benbouali

    Consultant - Content Marketing and Social Media

    📞 514-844-1050


After 5 years of operation, Vio's reputation is well established. Several organizations trust and trusted us to manage their online presence and support them in achieving their objectives. Do as they do!


Thanks to our complementary expertise in various fields - always related to digital marketing, communication and social media - we will keep you informed about current events in the field! Immerse yourself in our blog, powered by Vio's ingenious team.

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