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We are a tightly knit team specialized in strategic and communications support for social and environmental initiatives in Québec. We help you transform the world. Nothing less.

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Whatever your objectives are, Vio will leverage the ingenuity of its multidisciplinary team to offer cutting-edge expertise in marketing, communication and social media.

  1. Strategy


    • Marketing strategy
    • Communication strategy
    • Social media strategy
    • Content strategy
    • Strategic support
  2. Social media

    Social media

    • Social media management
    • Community management
    • Social media monitoring
    • Social Ads campaigns
    • Influencer marketing
  3. Research


    • Market research
    • Performance analysis
    • Competition analysis
    • Market research
    • Literature review
    • Surveys and interviews
    • Personalized workshops


Meet our passionate, ingenious, competent, magnificent and ambidextrous team. We are all different and complementary, but share the same need to create, solve and learn.

  1. Bianka Bernier Bianka Bernier

    📞 514-844-1050

    Bianka Bernier

    President & Principal Strategist

    📞 514-844-1050

  2. Nesrine Benbouali Nesrine Benbouali

    📞 514-844-1050

    Nesrine Benbouali

    Communication manager

    📞 514-844-1050


After 5 years of operation, Vio's reputation is well established. Several organizations trust and trusted us to manage their online presence and support them in achieving their objectives. Do as they do!


Thanks to our complementary expertise in various fields - always related to digital marketing, communication and social media - we will keep you informed about current events in the field! Immerse yourself in our blog, powered by Vio's ingenious team.

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