20 Easy and Effective Tips for Growing your Fanbase

20 Easy and Effective Tips for Growing your Fanbase

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  2. 2018/08/31

There is no doubt about it, social media makes it easier to precisely reach your audience. But this audience has to be there, so your personas have become your subscribers. So we give you some tips to increase your fan base on social media!

On all social media

1. Post frequently

It’s not rocket science, no matter the media, if you post on a daily or, at least, weekly basis allows you can carve a place in your subscribers’ news feed. That way, they will not forget you and will be more likely to share, like, comment your content.

Moreover, when talking about content, it is important to allocate a certain number of posts to current events, seasonal and popular trends, in order to show that your brand is trendy.

2. Post at the right time

For content to be seen by your subscribers, you must post it when they are active. In the statistics, you have access to a graph of the time slots at which your audience is most active, according to each day of the week. Make good use of it!

3. Make content with influencers

To become known in a new market, one can also use the notoriety and trust that many influencers have built up in their respective networks.

However, we must remember that it is essential to choose the communities and networks with which we want to work.

4. Identify popular partners

When creating content, consider identifying the partners and companies involved in the post in question. This extends your reach to the community of the identified brand. And the more popular the partner brand, the more likely your page will receive “collateral love”.

5. Subscribe to other pages in the field

Beware, here we don’t mean incoherent #followforfollow, but to follow/like pages that already have a good reputation in the field, in order to underline your presence, but also your “approval” towards them.

Of course, if the pages you like then subscribe to you, it’s always a win! But don’t subscribe to all kinds of crazy pages, just to get a follow back. It’s important for a brand to demonstrate that it’s selective and wise.

6. Have social media buttons in all your communications

It’s simple: if you want people to follow you on social media, they need to know you’re there! And to do this, you only have to sprinkle (without abusing…!) your communications with links to your media.

Don’t forget to add the famous icons to your blog articles, your emails, your website (especially in the “Contact Us” section), your email signatures, your white papers, your webinars, your newsletters, etc.

7. Have sharing buttons

Similarly, it’s recommended to add to your content on your site clickable buttons that allow you to share directly on social media. You know that famous sidebar with all the icons? There you go.

8. Ask employees to subscribe

It’s always a good start! It is also possible to ask them to suggest the page to their friends and family, as long as they are comfortable with this action.

9. Cross-promote

Here, we simply mean to share, for example, on Facebook your Instagram posts, to put Twitter links on your LinkedIn page, etc. In short, crossing the various accounts make subscribers understand that other platforms also exist.

10. Pay ads

On Facebook and Instagram, above all, paid posts can be use to reach a wider and more precise audience, in order to reach a qualified public. And you don’t have to pay a fortune to reach users who have a good chance of subscribing.


Don’t forget that you must respect the rule of 20% text in the visuals!

11. Manage the community

Posting content is not all, you also need to comment, lead discussions and answer questions. This way, you humanize the discourse and make the brand more accessible.

It must be understood that social media also become points of contact for customer service. This last must be irreproachable, if one wishes to transform the simple people with a question into satisfied subscribers.


Do not only comment on your own posts, but also those in which you are identified and those from users who are geotagged at your business.

12. Create original content

To show web users that your company stands out from others, that it’s an expert in its field, it’s important to create your own posts, make visuals and videos in-house. And therefore not only to share content from other pages.

13. Meet your community

It’s called social media, so it’s important to be social and reach out to your community. This means creating offline experiences and events. In addition to allowing people to meet each other, it also puts a face on the brand.

You risk not only acquiring new subscribers, but even developing ambassadors!

14. Organize contests

It would seem that the lure of profit favours the virality of posts. You have to be careful, however, since there are many “serial contestants” who aren’t really interested in your brand, but rather to win something, no matter what it is.

Think qualified audience.


15. Invite people to like your page

When you post something and people who don’t like your page react to it, you can invite them to like your page.

A very interesting function to widen your audience, without having to pay anything.

16. Create a private group

With Facebook’s latest algorithm, it’s an interesting alternative to continue to federate your community and make sure the content gets to them. By creating a private group, you create a kind of “VIP excitement” to become a member.

17. Fill in the info of your page

With Facebook, business pages with up-to-date and accurate information are more likely to be well referenced in the social media search engine.

So remember to add to your page your address (if applicable), your phone number, your schedules, a link to your website, a biography, etc.


18. Use the right hashtags

On Instagram, hashtags are ES-SEN-TIAL to ensure good visibility of posts.

At Vio, we recommend, per publication:

  • 1 general hashtag (very popular and competitive, but which helps Instagram to identify the theme of the photo)
  • 1 or 2 niche hashtags (more specific, less competitive and more targeted)
  • 1 or 2 brand specific hashtags
  • 1 community hashtag (to show that the brand is following trends)
  • 1 location hashtag (required for local identification)

19. Make UGC

Thanks to geolocation or a previously identified hashtag, you can make user generated content, i.e. share photos taken by the community. Very often, users are flattered that we are interested in their photos.

And to know when you’ll share their picture, they’ll probably follow you. One stone, three shots: you get your hands on free content, you show interest in others and you have new followers.


20. Write articles

By writing articles directly on the platform, you not only expose your expertise, but also show users that you take the time to create content exclusive to them.


With these few tips, you should manage to increase your number of subscribers on the various social platforms.

On the other hand, it’s obvious that you must first and foremost produce quality content, based on the needs and interests of your personas.

Also keep in mind that having a huge fanbase is not necessarily the key to success: you need subscribers who really care about what you do. We will always prioritize the search for fans who will interact with the brand, ask questions, want to know more, to fans who will unsubscribe to the first post they see in their feed.

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